At Fantacode, we aspire to build a diverse and inclusive team, with equal opportunities and to empower, support and represent more woman in tech.

As a part of this year's International Women's Day, we are organizing a female-only hiring event, to accelerate gender parity at our company, and to give better opportunities to all women who are motivated and passionate in tech.

We are looking for software engineers, developers, sales, marketing and customer relations managers who can bring out their strengths and perspective to our company.

We encourage all tech passionate women to apply. We're accepting applications starting from 6th March 2020 to 27th March 2020.

We look forward to hiring 3 developers, and a Sales Person.


Software Engineer

Our Development crew comprises of separate Web, API and Mobile teams who collaborate on each project to understand and deliver great applications. They have accomplished and continue to work on many projects together.

You would join the team of preference based on knowledge and the technology you'd like to master.

The prerequisites for the developer role are

  • Knowledge in Computer Programming
  • Logical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ardent learner

After your training and based on your performance, you will be asked to work on live projects.

Assistant Sales Manager

The Sales Person will be working under our Business Development Manager. The prerequisite for the sales role will be to have thrive to bring in more business and excellent verbal and written command in English.

The responsibilities of the Assistant Marketing and Client Relations Manager will be

  • Customer acquisition, customer support and successful sale of our products.
  • Social competence and the talent to deal with people.
  • Coordinating marketing activities and policies to promote products and services.
  • Overseeing marketing campaigns.


  • Degree Graduate in B.Tech/B.Com/BBA/BBM
  • We encourage more freshers to come forward so that you can learn from us and we can learn from you. Applicants with a minimum of 1-year experience are also welcome to apply.
  • We manage international clients & projects, so we insist that you have excellent command in verbal and written English.


Software Engineer

To evaluate your development skills, create a software project you're proud of, review it and tell its story via GitHub or other online sources and share the link in our forms.

Assistant Sales Manager

If you've already worked on any product sales, share its information in the application form.

I'm Fresher, I don't have anything to showcase!

Don't worry, if you are new to development and haven't worked on anything yet, then we suggest you check out the following links, choose any of the below technical stack and framework, and go through the basics of navigation and data-binding

For Assistant Software Engineer Applicants

Mobile Development

Xamarin -

React Native -

Flutter -

Web Development


After learning the basics, try to develop a mobile or web application sample in the link below

It gives you the instructions on how to proceed.

Page 2 shows how the home page looks like, list all the data from JSON file, and on tapping an item, navigate to a second screen with item details.

Once you complete the project, publish it in any code sharing platform like GitHub, and share the links with your submission.

For Assistant Sales Manager Applicants

Check out and learn about our product Feebak

We want you to write a simple sales pitch or a cold email to sell this product.

Share the link to your write up by Google Docs or similar platform.

We're accepting applications until Sunday, March 27th 2020. Please do go through this content and make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned.


Please fill the following form with all the necessary information so that we get to know more about you.

Tell us your role in Fantacode's future and Fantacode's role in yours. Be open about your aspirations and what you expect from us. Do keep the content honest and transparent.

You'll hear from us whether you've advanced to the next stage of the hiring process. If so, you'd be asked to attend an interview. We'll talk through your code, goals and perspectives. Also on our vision and how things run at Fantacode.

Hurry up and get on with it!