We are unwaveringly committed to adding value to the ideas of our customers with the help of integrated solutions, superior quality, and services. The technology used is thus, well thought and wisely chosen. In this particular project,

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA) using Angular was used as it is reliable and uses modern web platform capabilities
  • The .NET core was used for the backend
  • Azure SQL server was the database used

The solution was build so as to Register players of all ages, Add different games, add a score for players and display it on public screens.


Successful completion of a project for an organization such as Fifa CWC was undoubtedly a clear win.

The 2018 FIFA Club World Cup (officially known as the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2018 presented by Ali baba Cloud ), which was the 15th edition of the FIFA Club World Cup consulted us via a sub-agent to build a sport event management application to register players , Add different games , Add score for each player and display it on public screens.

The possibility of acceptance and engagement of the public in this particular application were definitely kept in mind while building the product.

FantaCode Team at Al Wahda Mall Deployment


This application was intended to draw public attention towards the Club World Cup by keeping them entertained and engaged in different games. The Administrator could add events and games according to which the public would play. Also, the score was displayed publicly in large screens.

Engagement of the public was notable as it allowed people to play and win prizes. And the idea gained much popularity and interest of the public since the application allowed players from all age groups.


The Scope of engagement included the development of web application,  API(Application Programming Interface) and Backend Services.


The sophisticated modular architecture of Angular made us choose it for the development of web application.

A progressive web application was build as the service workers enable it to load instantly, regardless of the network state, and this was a vital part of the development of the application.

A service worker acts as a client-side proxy and puts us in control of the cache and responding to resource requests. By pre-caching key resources we could eliminate the dependence on the network, and thus we ensured an instant and reliable experience for the users.


Keeping user experience in mind, we opted to use the .NET core for the backend.

.NET Core is more fast and secure. So that we could correct errors and security risks more quickly. Given its open-source position, the .NET Core is more stable, in contrast to the proprietary software which is defined and then left.

We chose the Azure SQL Database to store and access data as it is intelligent, fully managed relational cloud database service that provides the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility. Accelerate app development and simplify maintenance using the SQL tools. It has built-in intelligence that learns app patterns and adapts to maximize performance, reliability and data protection.


Surely, there were hurdles that came our way.

Time was definitely one. The final product needed to be delivered within 2 weeks and thus, creating and unitedly following a strict schedule was indeed a challenge.

Learning QR code generation from API and implementing it for bulk registration of students from the same schools was interesting and challenging as well.

As the scoreboard was designed for multiple screens, the strategy was to keep the end-user experience in mind. We evaluated when, where and how the product will be used in order to assess the optimal experience for the user. And regardless of what size screen the content is on, users expect a smooth experience across screens. Thus, by prioritizing consistent and seamless user experience, we gracefully tackled this challenge.

Opting for progressive web application solved many problems such as uncertain network condition and janky scrolling. It also contributed to making the application unobtrusive, fast and engaging.


Sports have always managed to be on the top of everyone’s entertainment list. It is an honor and privilege to be able to build such a useful application that managed lots of data and kept the users entertained.

We are immensely happy and will always be proud of the product that came out of our dedication, interest, and teamwork, that too within a time frame of two weeks.

The application was used to register players, Add games and display individual scores of the player. we were victorious in managing and delivering the product as expected by the client.